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#LNKD. Trading Idea. Stock analysis and Forecast. Last Price.155.44 (-2.90%) 06-03-2014

#LNKD. Trading Idea. Stock analysis and Forecast. Last Price.155.44 (-2.90%) 06-03-2014.
Hi mates, How you doing?. I would kile to make a technical Analysis of #Lnkd. I think this stock will be interesting to practice some tactics of trading.
Let´s see the Chart.

Suports and resistances:
S1:139.87 S2:125.52 R1:170.88 R2:186.13

During the last week the price broke the downtrend line. Just in the top of the Elliot´s 3rd wave (uptrend serie). NOwadays the stock is developing the 4rd wave.

The MACD seems that will correct soon.
The RSI is at 47% flat, and crossed the 50% level on may 30th.
The stochastic is going down at 58%.
And the DMI show us a flat pattern.

Looking at the nasdaq and the recent macro data I have to recomend to wait. I´m expecting a correction in the market this week, However I have calculated a valid buy range for this stock.

Buy range= [143.30;149.33]

With the nasdaq entering inside a correction I recomend to wait until the price arrives to this points, in order to take a huge profit.
The Actual targets are:
TG1:$166.22 TG2:$170.19 

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