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YHOO Yahoo Inc. Stock analysis and Forecast. Trading Idea. Las Price $33.76 05/12/2014

YHOO  Stock analysis and Forecast. Trading Idea. Las Price $33.76 05/12/2014

Hi mates. Today I want to analyze yahoo Inc. As you know recently the company reported a better results than expected. Now the price stock is even lower than the day before the company announced the report.
Let´s see some fundamentals:
P/E ratio= 27.88
EPS= 1.21
The sales growth has decreased a -6.20% during the 2013. The average sales growth for the last 4 years is -7.33%.
The EPS growth for 2013 was -61.59% and the 4 years average is +85.95%, too irregular in my opinion. 
Let´s see the chart.
Supports and resistances:
S1:$29.71 S2:$23.06 R1:$37.14 R2:$40.37
The Price is inside an downtrend channel.
The MACD is below zero and below the signal. Bearish pattern.
The RSI is at 40% in a downtrend pattern.
The stochastic K is at 39% and going down.
The Chart show us how actually the price is moving inside a box.
Elliot waves: It´s probable that is an extension of the flat pattern but i can´t discard the possible 3rd wave in a downside serie.
The buy range for this stock is [$31.74;$34.22] the price is actually inside this range however I recomend to wait until the price go lower, A valid price would be 31$ (for middle -term investors).
The stock has a strong support at $29.71.
 The actual targets are:

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