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Twitter Inc. #TWTR Stock analysis and Forecast. Last price $30.51(+0.03%) 05-28-2014

Twitter Inc. #TWTR Stock analysis and Forecast. Last price $30.51(+0.03%)  05-28-2014.

Hi mates. I would like to make a technical analysis of TWTR. In my opinion this stock is really oversold.
Let´s see the chart.

Supports and Resistances:
S1:29.58 S2:25.40 R1:37.13 R2:43.30

The price is just in the ground of a downtrend channel.
Elliot waves: The stock is finishing the flat pattern (downtrend serie). This stock is oversold so it´s probably that it bounce to the top of the channel. It could start a new Elliot serie (uptrend serie). From my point of view this stock will be above $33 soon. I recomend to buy this stock and look for the targets.

The MACD is above the signal and below zero.

The RSI is at 28% oversold.

The sotchastic is at 12% inside the oversold zone.

I think this company has been overly punished. So it´s a good time to take long positions.

The buy range is [31.20;31.56]

And the actual targets are:
Tg1:$33.5 Tg2:$34.95 TgEXt:$37.78

Nothing more, I hope this analysis will be profitable to you! and Please remember to click on some ads before you leave this blog in order to maintain it. It´s Important!!!. Thank you!. :)