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Sonoco Products Co. SON. Stock Analysis and Forecast. Last Price. $41.36 (-0.17%) 05-22-2014

Sonoco Products Co. SON. Stock Analysis and Forecast. Last Price. $41.36 (-0.17%) 05-22-2014.

Hi mates. I would like to analyze Sonoco Products Co. This company has a P/E ratio of 18.97 and an EPS=2.18 with a dividend yield of 3.09%.
Let´s see some fundamentals:
Sales growth 2013= 1.23%
Sales growth AVG (4 years)= 7.83%
Net Income Growth 2013= +11.79%
During the last year the sales growth of this company was below the 4 years average however the net income growth was nice compared with 2012 ( -9.89%).
EPS growth 2013= +10.99%
EPS AVG ( 4 years)= +10%
As you can see the last year the EPS was above the average.

Let´s see the Chart:

Supports and Resistances:
S1:41.08 S2:40.05 R1:42.19 R2:43.44

The MACD is below the signal and below zero.
The RSI is at 44% in a flat pattern. The RSI crossed the 50% level on May the 15th.
The Stochastic is at 25% flat. In my opinion will bounce soon.
Yesterday the price drew a doji star. Potential reversal.
The stock touched the bottom of the box that this stock has been moving since April the 8th.
I think this stock will bounce in the next sesions.!
Elliot waves: From my point of view the price has finished the flat pattern and will start the first wave (uptrend serie).
The buy range [41.14;41.47].
Actual Targets.

TG1: 42.03 Tg2: 42.65 Tg ext: 43.64

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