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GOOG Inc C Stock analysis and Forecast. Last Price $526.65(-1.21%) 5-15-2014

GOOG Inc C Stock analysis and Forecast. Last Price $526.65(-1.21%)  5-15-2014.
Hi Everybody. Today I would like to analyze GOOG C. Its a great Company in my opinion, and it showed a solid results during the last reports.
Let´s see some fundamentals.
Sales Growth: LAst year 2013 +19.56%
Average sales growth last 4 years: 26.59%
The company has a sustainable and constant sales growth.
The net income growth for 2013 was a 13.22% ( +2.43 over the previous year).
EPS Growth 2013: +11.11% (a +2.54% over the previous year)
EPS average Growth (last 4 years):+15.42
The Consensus average target price for this stock is $661.86
Now it´s time to analyze the Chart. (There´s not so much sesions due to the recent split so I will analyze a 30m chart).

The 30m Chart.

I calculated the buy range with the 30m Chart, but for the general analysis I used a daily chart.
In my opinion the NASDAQ is going to correct again and it´s probably that in the short-time will be at 4056 level. For this sesion it´s probably that this stock will raise a little bit. however with the NASDAQ going down again. I recomend to wait until the price reaches this range: [$517;$521]
Once there the targets will be:
TG1:$539 TG2:$551 TGExt:$571
Daily Chart.

Supports and Resistances:
S1: 511.14 S2:502.63 R1:526.55 R2:540.64
The MACD is below zero and above the signal. Actually is a little bit flat.
The RSI is at 47%. It seems that is moving easily at this level.
The stochastic is going up at 77% level.
As you can see in the daily cahrt. the price broke the downtrend line. however since April the 21 this stock has been moving inside a box. If we talk about the candlestick during the last sesions it´s probably the price may be drown am Evening star (a reversal pattern)but it would be proved during the next sesions.
I recomend to buy at 517$.
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