miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2014

FB stock review. Last Price $58.56 05-21-2014

FB stock review. Last Price $58.56 05-21-2014

Hi mates. Today i want to review the previous analysis of FB. the targets of the previous analysis were $59.98,$61.75, and an extendend of $64.59. Since the previous analysis the stock had reached the $60.16 price as a maximum price.
The stock is moving in a tight range.

So, I think could be interesting to recalculate the targets and the buy range.
The actual buy range is [57.43;58.40]
and the actual targets are:
Tg1:$59.86 Tg2:$60.91 Tg ext:$62.59
Let´s see the chart:

If you want some fundamentals and technicals look at the previous analysis.

As you can see the price is inside a simetric triangle.
The MACD is flat.
The RSI is at 47%
The stochastic is very close to the %K.
And the DMI is about to cross.
It´s probable this stock will bounce soon. however I recomend to buy in the range I said with those initial targets.
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