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FB Facebook Inc. Cia Stock Analysis and Forecast Last Price $57.89 (-2.21%) 05-16-2014

FB Facebook Inc. Cia Stock Analysis and Forecast Last Price $57.89 (-2.21%)  05-16-2014.

Hi Everybody. TOday I would like to review FB. You can see the previous analysis in this site.
Yesterday the NASDAQ arrived at 4.036 points and closed at 4069. In my opinion it´s probably that today will bounce. The last earnings report was an 0.25 EPS in front of the 0.18 EPS Consensus forecast.
This is the FB daily Chart.

let´s see the technicals.
Supports and Resistances:
S1:$55.53 S2:$48.76 R1:$63.84 R2:$69.12

The MACD is practically in contact with the signal. With the NASDAQ going down it´s probably that the MACD crosses the signal.

The RSI is at 45% and wasn´t able to cross the 50% during the last bounce.
The Stochastic is at 54% and it seems to me that it don´t want to go higher.
On the other hand the ADX is in a downtrend way and actually is at 20.41 points. 
This signals advise us that the stock is in a flat pattern.

Anyway. Actually, the buy range for this stock is:
[$53.46;$55.53] HOwever if the NASDAQ correction is most serious as it seems. the buy range will be extended below the 200 AVG at $52.48.
The Actual targets are:
TG1:$59.98 TG2:$61.75 TGext:$64.59
From my point of view, it´s probably that today the stock will go even lower than yesterday and will enter into the buy range soon.
I recomend to wait and buy this stock near the support level.
And that´s all I hope this analysis would be interesting for you.

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There´s a doji star just on May the 3rd. During this sesion the price touched the 50- AVG and then went back down again.