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04/14/2014 Boeing Co. BA Trading idea and forecast. Last price. 122.07$

04/14/2014 Boeing Co. BA Trading idea and forecast. Last price. 122.07$
Hi, Firstly I want to analyse some fundamentals of this company:
The company is rolling with a P/E= 20.23$ and a EPS= 6.03, last dividend 0.73. In my opinion those are good data.
If we take a look into the Income Statement we can see a sales growth of 6.03% in 2013. The average of the last 4 years was 6.49% however the sales growth in 2010 was -5.86% and in 2012 was 18.86%. Benjamin Graham probably would have thought that this is not a company with a regular growth.
The diluted EPS growth in 2013 was +16.63% and the average of the last 4 years was 42.53%. The lower figure was 4.45 in 2010 which suppose an increase of +137.72 form the 1.47 in 2009 (the 1.47 EPS is not covered by the average).
In 2013 the company was rolling with a Net Operating cash flow of 8.18B a 8.94% above the previous year. Those facts make me thing That is a consolidated company . Although without a regular growth but with solid profits.
Let´s see the technicals.
Supports and Resistances:
S1: 117.10$ S2: 106.10$ R1: 128.58 R2: 140.19$

The price is inside a box since january and it should be a consolidation of a good support in the future.
Nowadays is close to the AVG200 (121,053$) and is in the box floor. So I recommend to buy the stock at this level.
The RSI is at 41% and the MACD is in a flat pattern below zero and below it´s signal, however as I said is very close tho the signal since February.
The stochastic is in the oversold zone and it´s probably will go up this week.
The buy range or interval at this moment is [117.96;121.12] however the fact that the price is inside a box and the technicals tells me that is not probably that the price will go to the lower price of the interval. Anyway, pay attention to the market this week, tha last week was terrible and this week should raise ( otherwise we would have to rethink the situation)
Let´s see the targets:

TG2: 131.72$
TG ext: 139.27$
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Ok,having said this let´s see the chart:

I hope you find it a profitable idea!